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Date: 2001-06-20 12:09:00 UTC
Subject: Re: new house

We had to move recently to a new house. there was little we could do to help
our ferrets stress with the move. They still acted "strange" for up to two
weeks (one did not act strange ever though). Here's the things I did:
1) I made sure they were well vitamined and well fed for weeks before the
move.....buuuuut, I made sure that for 2 days before the move they had no
treats of any kind, nor ferretone, just good ferret food mix. This way when
you move there isn't any oils, laxitone, yogis, fruit, etc that can add to
the gi stress they get when they move.
2) I made sure I did not wash any ferret laundry the day before the move and
did not wash the ferret blankees for days after so they could have their
familiar smell. I took care to keep things structured in their cage, meaning
I kept things arranged consistently (where blankees are supposed to go,
dishes, etc). I did not change their environment in other words.
3) We had the house and their room set up before we moved them. We moved the
ferts LAST. All we had to do was put them in their cage, that was the "same"
as always, and their room was arranged with only familiar toys and things and
familiar smells. Nothing unfamilar was in the room.
4) I did not allow new neighbors to come in to see them, nor take them
outside for weeks. We stuck to a structured regimen of feed, cleaning,
playing, care, etc.. When they all seemed 100% back to normal is when we let
them see the rest of the house. The later after that we took them for walks
outside and so forth.... you get the idea.
5) if your ferret is used to going with you in the car for specific trips..
and you take him/her out all the time for car trips... You may decide to keep
that routine for them. We did not take them often enough in my opinion... so
I opted for them to stay at home and away from people so they could adjust
6) I did not offer laxitone or any treats until I saw their poops were all
absolutley normal again (a couple of mine did have a little trouble at
7) I did give them some extra cuddle time. Even if they are not the type to
cuddle we did give them extra time for a while.
8) I would let the ferret get used to only one room. When they seem fine with
it all, then you can extend the play area over time.
9) litter pans, and such all over is a good idea as you already said. You
may want to make sure that all floors are scrubbed. Shampoo your carpet
well. You might want to get a bottle/jug of natures miracle a day after all
that cleaning and put your nose to the carpet and sniff. ... and sniff, and
sniff. If you come across any funky smell at all.. dumb that natures miracle
on it. All you need is someones left over kitty accident or something to
"untrain" your ferret. :) Make sure all things are aired out and dry
before letting your ferret go onto any surfaces.


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