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From: Ulrike
Date: 2001-06-20 17:09:00 UTC
Subject: Prednisolone dosage for lymphoma and insulinoma


My vet just put my Jack on prednisolone for lymphoma. I wrote a while ago
about his huge spleen and the lymph nodes on the neck were up. Now he has
breathing problems (his repiratory rate is between 70 and 100 breaths a
minute and it looks/ is laboured...) and the lymph nodes behind the knees of
the back legs are up as well. He's not interested in eating and eats about
half or a third of what he ususlly eats. He's had a chest x-ray and my vet
said it looks like there may be a mass in his chest but she's sent the
x-rays off to her friend who's an exotic species specialist. I'm not
putting Jack through a lymph node biopsy, my vet suggested removing one of
the nodes as an aspirate can be inaccurate. But since it looks like
lymphoma, my vet suggested putting Jack on prednisolone and said to give him
a 1mg tablet once a day. He's 1.8kg. Shoule he be getting a higher dose?
Is it better to divide the dose of pred into 2 doses and give it to him
morning and night or is once a day okay? My vet also put him on antibiotics
(Synulox), she said because he's been put on a high dose of steroids which
may weaken the immune system. I thought that it doesn't affect the ferrets'
immune system... Or is it because his spleen is dodgy? And I don't think
the dose is high, Jilly gets 1mg a day for her insulinoma and she is only
1kg. My vet also said to give Jilly the pred once a day but Jilly had been
on it before and twice a day so I give it her twice a day again. Or could I
give it to her once a day?

Thanks for any replies...

From Ulrike
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