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From: Shortley, Lisa
Date: 2001-06-20 13:48:00 UTC
Subject: cryosugery and adrenal regrowths

Hi everyone!
I have some questions for the vets and laypeople. Has anyone
noticed an abundence of adrenal regrowths all of a sudden?
Especially in regards to cryosurgery?
Of my ten, I have 6 ferrets who have all had cryosurgery done
on their adrenal glands, 4 of which were bilateral. Of those
4, 2 have exhibited signs of adrenal regrowth, and estrodial
bloodwork showed elevations in this hormone again.
Another had a bilateral adrenal cryosurgery done 6 weeks ago,
and his base of tail and lower back remain bald.
Another had a bilateral cryosurgery adrenalectomy on 8/22/00,
continued going bald after surgery...had a second surgery on
3/30/01, a small reminent or regrowth was found and removed,
and today, remains bald - if not balder.
I know cryosurgery is supposed to be the way to go, but were
these tough problems with adrenal surgeries existing several
years ago? When I first started having to take my guys in for
adrenal surgeries, I was under the impression that a regrowth
was somewhat rare? These problems are occurring within 5-10
months of prior surgeries in my ferrets.
My oldest ferret isn't even quite 4 at this point. Why are
all these problems occuring so often...and so young?
Thanks for any input!