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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-06-20 18:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Heartworms

Ferrets should definitely be on heartworm preventative unless you in
some rare area that has no mosquitos or heartworms. I don't know if
such an area exists, though I'm sure there are areas of the country
that carry much less risk. By the way, my vet does recommend
hearworm preventative for cats.

You ferrets should be tested, although if I understand it correctly,
the the problem with starting preventative treatment on dogs that are
heartworm positive does not occur in ferrets. But don't take my word
on that one. You should test anyway, so why not do it before
starting preventative treatment.

Heartgard is generally recommended for ferrets, though Interceptor
works well and it's what I use. I use the small dog (2lb-10lb) size
and give one pill per ferret. They could probably get by with a half
of a pill, but I'm not confident the medication is evenly distributed
throughout the pill, so I feel better giving the whole thing. Mine
all weigh more than 2lbs.

If you want to find out more about heartworms in ferrets, check out
this link...


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., erka2719@a... wrote:
> I was reading up on heartworms in ferrets and I have a few
> questions. My vet recommends heartworm preventative for dogs but
> cats...there has only been one case of a cat with heartworms in the
> yrs I have worked at the vet's office. However, heartworms are not
> as deadly in cats (at least not as quickly) and they can be
> Should I start my ferret on preventative? Should he be tested
> like dogs or can we just start the preventative? Is Heartgard plus
> safe for ferrets or is interceptor better? What dose is best?
> Thanks to all for your help,
> Erica and Fitz, the ferret