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From: katharine
Date: 2001-06-21 05:46:00 UTC
Subject: ECE

Below is a post from my wildlife rehab list. I
told the poster that I would ask if anyone on this
list is aware of something similar to ECE.

<Has anyone heard of the ECE (epizootic catarrhal
enteritis) virus in
ferrets? We have lost two of our little coons to
what we believe to be the
same virus. It starts with the green stools and
refusing the bottle. We
can get pedialyte in them but anything else is
thrown back up. If anyone
has any experience with this please let me know
how to treat this or
prevent it from spreading.<

I have posted that it is not ECE as it doesn't
cross species. I also posted about supportive
care for these symptoms. Does anyone have any

Thanks in advance,