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From: Ulrike
Date: 2001-06-21 07:06:00 UTC
Subject: Glucose in urine???


I'm sorry to use the list so much, it just seems many of my ferrets are the
age where things go wrong and it's not normal things and my vet is puzzled
as well.

Last Wednesday a week ago I took my Tom to the vets. He just didn't seem
right, he's my mad ferret, very active. But gradually he became lethargic,
came out of bed just to lie down on the floor, he sometimes lied down with
his back arched a bit like he had pain in his abdomen and walked with his
back arched and was very wobbly on his feet, like not being able to balance.
I'd cleaned his ears and there was a lot of runny horrible stuff in there so
I thought maybe an ear infection. So off to the vets. He was very
lethargic at the vets, didn't show any interest in anything and then he peed
on my lap, just a little bit, I doubt he knew what he was doing. Then one
drop of pee after another came out, the whole time Tom looked like he had no
idea that he was leaking. The vet felt his bladder and then Tom went off
for an abdominal x-ray and urine test. The x-ray was okay, his bladder was
very full and they emptied it and then came back saying they found glucose
in his urine. So they did a blood test with the following results:

ALB 32 G/L
ALT 52 U/L
Ca 2.29 MMOL/L
TP 76 G/L

The blood glucose was normal and I think Globulin is high and my vets don't
know what to make of it, my vet thought he may have a bladder or kidney
infection and an ear infection as well so he's been on antibiotics since.
They also said that sometimes the urine test is inaccurate... Tom pees okay
and is more active and dooks again but still has problems balancing and
wobbles along. He can't stand up on his back legs for example and he found
it very hard getting down the stairs today like he couldn't control his back
legs well.

Anyway, I thought I do a urine test to rule out glucose in his urine- and
the Diastix strip went a different colour. It said to read the strip 30
seconds after dipping in urine and it was the colour of 14 mmol/l but around
the edges started to go the colour of 28 mmol/l. So what does this mean, 2
urine tests showed glucose in the urine yet the blood test is normal? I did
a blood glucose test on him this morning right after he'd eaten and it was
78 mg/dl, Tom is an albino if that makes a difference, the vet books seem to
have different values for albinos and accoring to that, his blood glucose is
actually a little low? I'm just confused here and the vets as well...

From Ulrike
and Jilly, Jack, Bella, Tom, Mason, Baby, Dana, Fox, Reno, Rose, Jasmine,
Spike, Hobo, Gremlin and Bobby

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