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From: Ulrike
Date: 2001-06-21 07:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Prednisolone dosage for lymphoma and insulinoma

Hi Jackie

Thank you for telling me about Taz, I'm wondering whether my vet meant to
give me 5mg tablets?

My Jack had his 6th birthday a couple of weeks ago. He seems more alert
today and even had a run around the house. Before he would lie down after a
few steps and today he was running around. Last night his appetite was
better as well, don't know whether the pred has stimulated his appetite
within 24 hours of the first dose? This morning he ate well as well. But
he sounds like he has mucous on his chest, he's been coughing since
yesterday, on and off and it sounds like his chest is stuffy and he seems to
cough it up and then he's okay, his breathing has slowed down a bit as well
and was around 60 breaths a minute last time I checked. He is on

From Ulrike
and Jilly, Jack, Bella, Tom, Mason, Baby, Dana, Fox, Reno, Rose, Jasmine,
Spike, Hobo, Gremlin and Bobby

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