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From: Natasha Mohr
Date: 2001-06-21 11:41:00 UTC
Subject: thanks to Dr. Williams and everyone!

Thanks, Dr. Williams, and everyone else who responded to my post about my
Gabrielle and whether or not to give her lupron. (Sorry about the
resolution of the photos, too -- it was not a high-quality digital picture,
I know.) Looks like my vet is convinced, and a good thing too. Poor baby
is just going bald all over now. Her fur is so thin her sweet little pink
skin shows through everywhere. :(

We are starting off with a 1mg dose -- she only weighs 1lb 6oz, so I
figured we should start slow. Meanwhile, her heart is holding steady, not
even a murmur, two years after they told us she'd be dead in six months. <g>