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From: Beverly Greene
Date: 2001-06-21 15:04:00 UTC
Subject: Snowball's blood work results

As many of you mentioned, she seems to have the signs of insulinoma. That
was what I thought, so I knew that she would need a fasting blood test so
she was fasting. They took the blood from her neck.

We didn't know at first what her glucose level was because the vet didn't
tell us. Being that we were completely unhappy that she would recommend
surgery which would obviously put Snowball's life in danger, we have an
appointment with another vet recommended by a local ferret group tonight.
We also got a faxed copy for her blood work to take to the new vet. On it,
it says that her glucose level was 5.2 mmol/l.

It seems to list the tests that were low or high:
calcium 1.81 mmol/l
total protein 49 g/l
albumin 14 g/l
Sgpt [alt] 62 iu/l
Chloride 122 mmol/l
Carbon Dioxide 13 mmol/l
Creatine Phosphokinase 844 iu/l

Some of these are listed as high, or mostly low by their "reference range".
However, a list I found on a vet site dealing with ferrets gives
completely different reference ranges that changes her "h/l" colume somewhat.

It also says that her white cell count is 4.0 and gives the following
Basos 0
Eos 0
Bads 0
Polys 3360
Lymph 400
Monos 240 Total
Sgot [ast] 233 iu/l

It goes on to say:
platelet adequate"
"slight echinocytosis
platelets clumped"

In the middle, it has notes which I assume are meant to help the vet
interupt what the results might mean. It says:
"Marked low albumin, loss? Site? Catabolism? CK muscle injury. Hemolysis
Interference. Stress lymphopenia. GI disease? Occult neoplasm?"

At the top of the results, it says "Sample hemolyzed, may interfer with
tests." What does any of this mean? Obvious, we'll discuss this with the
doctor this evening, but anyone who could give me a better idea of what
we're talking about or any questions that I need to ask, I would greatly
appreciate it. We want to be as informed as possible so that we can work
with the vet to help Snowball.

>You said bloodwork was done and was inconclusive.

Well, that's what the vet said, but obviously we'll ask the new vet to look
over the tests and rerun any that need to be run again, as well as what we
should do to help her in the meantime.

Thanks for everyone's replies so far! Your help and concern is greatly


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