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Date: 2001-06-21 20:07:00 UTC
Subject: Bruiser/ biopsy

Well the jury's in (Dr Williams).....
Bruiser,my fur child with the facial tumor removed 4 weeks ago,has a
malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor...used to be called a
This is a very very nasty disorder.Tho not prone to
will most likely grow back many times.We had already had it debulked
every 6 weeks before going in very aggressively with cyro surgery this
last time.We are watching him VERY closely for ANY signs of return &
will have it cyroed again with ANY sign.
Dr Williams will be posting his pictures on the FHL home page soon,the
pictures are very graphic yet interesting medically (I am told ;( The
good news is that he may live a normal life span but I HATE him possibly
facing yet more operations.He is my Angel and this breaks our hearts.
Except for his permanent eye damage (doesn't close) he's a happy lil
guy...He has no idea he has cancer (and Mommy & Daddy aren't about to
tell him!)
I want to publically thank,of coarse Dr Williams....he has led me down
my bumpy roads many times,he is a SAINT.....
Those of you who have offered help,pictures,advice and true
caring....Thank You All as well.....It is so nice to have such a
wonderful group for support.....You are to be commended and we are so
very grateful.......
I will keep you posted,
With Lots of Love,
Tara,Jerry & Bruiser (you may remember him as Bruiser/enstein,that was
just AFTER surgery...he's lookin' good,now!)