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From: Amy and Jim Robbin
Date: 2001-03-01 16:52:00 UTC
Subject: More teeth grinding

Hi folks. I have a 5 year old MF Male. He's slightly on the
sensitive side, sensitive to changes in environment etc. I've
brought home a about five ferrets over the last year, so there
have definitely been changes at home.

Critter has been grinding his teeth upon waking for several
months now, no vomiting and normal poops. He has been on
Pepto and Amoxi for over a month now, over the last three
weeks he's been on Pepto .5 cc 2x/day, Carafate .25 cc 4x/day,
Amoxi .5 cc2x/day and Biaxin 1cc 1x/day. Initially the
grinding went away, but now it's back. He's still on Amoxi,
Pepto and Biaxin (Carafate lasted about 2 weeks).

I'm not asking anyone to second guess my vet, IMO he's one of
the most ferret-knowledgeable in New England. He said if the
grinding continued after this treatment he would like to run
tests. My question is, does anyone have any idea what kinds
of things he will be looking for? I'm trying to prepare

Critter (tooth grinder)
Rascal (stinky ears)
SusieQ (just crazy)
Moose (doesn't know he's 6!)
Gusgus (deaf, constant pudding poops)
Little Buster (just wonderful)
Tequila (1.5 years old and never really spent time with other
ferrets, quite challenging at times!)