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From: katharine
Date: 2001-06-22 05:44:00 UTC
Subject: Emma is Shedding; Champ is Weird

Remember Emma? She's my little rescue from the
feed store who was in heat. She was spayed about
4 weeks ago (her vulva has finally returned to
normal) and is wearing everyone out in the house;
man and beast alike.

Emma is shedding like crazy! What is this all
about? At first, she had this dandruff stuff but
it's pretty much under control now after a couple
of baths. I think it was stress coming to a new
environment. I was cutting her nails last night
and my navy blue shirt was an inch thick in fur.
I finally took her outside and was plucking
handsful of fur. It was flying all over the
place. She still has a nice thick coat (no bald
spots) but I can't figure out why she would shed
at the end of June in Florida in an air
conditioned house. Should I worry? BTW, her fur
is coming in very nicely from her spay.

Champ (renal failure) has me a little worried. I
have found him, several times, asleep in the
oddest places, including in the middle of the
floor. Of course, I think he's dead every time.
You all know this is very unferret-like behavior.
Any clues? Also, last night I was cutting his
nails and noticed that they had not grown very
much in the last two weeks. Is this his low
protein diet? Should I be concerned?