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Date: 2001-06-22 11:22:00 UTC
Subject: Abdominal spasms


I have a 4 year old gib with IBD. I have not done an exploratory
surgery/biopsy to confirm this, however. We've been treating him as
if he
has. I have tried every medication under the sun and a chicken-free
diet, but
it still keeps coming back. I think it may be time to do the

Anyway, last night as I gave him his Gerber's Turkey baby food, his
went into spasms. I couldn't believe how strong these contractions
were. His
sides were literally thumping in and out. He didn't seem to be in
discomfort. He continued to eat and cleaned his plate. Every time I
feed him
now, the same thing happens. Why is this happening and what is
causing it?

I have a vet appt. Saturday night, so hopefully we'll get to the
bottom of
this. I wanted to post to share this weird experience and see if
anybody else
had a similar one. I would also like to hear what the vets have to