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Date: 2001-06-22 11:35:00 UTC
Subject: Enacard question

Hi again,

I have another ferret(Teddy), a five year gib with very early
He has a mild mitral valve insufficiencey and a mild enlargement of
atrium. He is stable and not medicated currently.

I was just wondering if I started him on Enacard in this very early
would it ease the stress on the heart and thus slow the progress of
cardiomyopathy? Does the heart enlarge because of the
ineffectiveness of the
heart's contractions? If so, if I increase the effectiveness of each

contraction with meds now, would it possibly prolong his life?

He gets his first Lupron shot on July 1st. I've decided it's not
worth the
risk to put him under the anesthesia to do the adrenal surgery. I'd
have him here with me than take the chance on losing him too soon.


Dodie Vecchione in NJ