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Date: 2001-06-22 12:02:00 UTC
Subject: Vaginal discharge or UTI?

Hi, yes, it's me again!

I'm sorry, but all of my ferrets are senior citizens now and all
kinds of new
things are happening. It seems like it's all at once, too!

I have a 5 year old sprite(Angel), who has always been incontinent
due to
ectopic ureters. She even had one kidney removed because they
thought it was
unilateral. Sooo, she always drips urine. That's okay, though,
because she's
such a sweetie and a joy, it makes up for all that dribbling. ;-)

Anyway, I've been noticing from time to time, what appeared to be a
discharge clinging to a strand or two of fur, adjacent her vulva. It
barely discernible. I thought perhaps it was just urine that was
drying up,
so I've been watching it. As I said, it was only happening
Well, yesterday morning, I picked her up to wipe her bottom and a
white drop was sitting on her vulva (size of a small pearl). I
freaked out! I
thought, "Oh, my God, it's pus! She has a severe UTI," and what with
the one
kidney and all, I was ready to panic!

Well, just in case, we're preventively going to put her on Suprax,
but my vet
said that adrenal females can also get a vaginal discharge. She only
has a
slight raising of the nipples, and I can perceive a very slight
thinning of
fur over her shoulders. Some people might accuse me of looking too
though. Hey, I'm her Mom and I can see the difference! Has anyone
had an
adrenal ferret with this discharge?

My husband thinks I'm becoming a hypochondriac! Every time he turns
I'm in a panic about something with them. Well... I have 5 ferrets,
4 of
which are 5 years old, and 1 that is 4 years old. With one
exception, (Molly
my kisser), they all have something going on. You've heard about
today, so I'll save the other one for another day! :-)


Dodie in the Garden State