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Date: 2001-06-22 13:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] biting ferret

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. They are in the cage when they are not supervised. I have
tried to ferret-proof my room but I still am scared to leave them
when I'm not home. I would really like to have my ferrets be part
our family, but everyone is scared of Chong. My mom was starting
warm up to them, but sooner or later Chong nips her. My mom says
is mean, but I know that she isn't

My ferrets are in the cage when I'm sleeping, working, or when they
won't be
supervised. Their play area is ferret proofed, but caging them keeps
them out
of trouble, accidents, gives them a safe personal area, and the
knowledge of
where they are. (in case of fire or such)

One of mine is a nipper. I went through the same things too. He was
difficult as a kit. I let people know that he's a bitter. Strangely
out in public he's great. It's just at home, at Grandma's, or at my
My Mom is the desnigated ferretsitter. She does know and understand.

Thankfully she's an animal lover and tolerant. I do have to say that
they all
get a little nippy around her. It's just her though. Also, they
really 'misbehave' around her. With the bitter, I have learned his
that he's going to bite. He licks twice and then bites. I catch him
before he
does the bite. And there are days where he'll just get a head quiver
and the
anxious body action. That means he has to bite someone no matter
what. He
responds to "Do you have to bite (me, Mommy, Daddy)" That usually
stops him.
Oh, his name is Smoky. There are certain situations where my others
will nip.
When I'm getting out of the shower, they like to lick the water off
my legs.
Smoky is the same, Loki will nip just my ankle bone, Poki will
stretch up and
get my upper calf, and Vanilla will stretch up and do the scratching
Vanilla also does like to very, very lightly nip the tip of noses.
So I just
warn people about his "affectionate kisses."

Amy and the boys