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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-01 17:43:00 UTC
Subject: dental health

> From: andz1313@a...
>Subject: Treat ?
>I was wondering how you get your ferret to take
>a new treat that they never tried before.
>I bought the new Foamy fries and N-bone (chicken
>flavor) chews from the Ferret store and he shows no
>interest in them at all.
>Is there a way that I can get him to try them?
>Andz & Rocket

Hi, Andz, well, we have never tried N-Bone, but Foamy Fries can have
a string tied around them and hung from a "fishing pole", though it's
not as easy to do as with Cheweasels. After they have grabbed on to
them a bit you can untie them and give them. You can also play
keep-away with them, waggle them near the ferret, or put them into a
tunnel to be cleaned out.

We're noticing that they seem to be as good as the Cheweasels for
removing plaque and tartar.