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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-22 23:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: how many calories a day?

> > You note that Ferretone is not to be given to Insulinomic ferrets.
> > Why is this? My vet actually suspends the prednisone in ferretone so that
>soybean oil
>cod liver oil
>wheat germ oil
>Vitamin A supplement
>Vitamin D3 supplement
>Vitamin E supplement
>Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
>Mono and Diglycerides (are these the culprits?)
>BHT and Propyl paraben (preservatives)

I suspect someone just confused Ferretone with Nutrical which does
have sugar in forms such as corn syrup and cane molasses. Both are
very useful supplements when needed, for treats, or for training, but
when insulinoma is present we just don't give Nutrical unless the
blood sugar has acutely fallen too low.