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Date: 2001-06-22 15:42:00 UTC
Subject: Albino/Itchy Skin

Hi everyone,

I wrote asking for suggestions/comments, etc., concerning my albino
who seems
excessively itchy.

Thank you EVERYONE for all the great suggestions. I took her to the
today and he said she probably has allergies. He said her skin and
fur look
OK... no dry flaking areas, etc. Since her skin was a little more
pink than
most (his observation) he suggested perhaps she's allergic to either

something in the house or perhaps even her food. The entire house
carpeted so I don't doubt she's having a reaction to something in
there. If
its her food, I'd be lucky. I can change her diet a whole lot
easier than I
can change the floors. Most of her food consists of chicken as the
ingredient. Perhaps I should switch to turkey.

Anyway, I love the suggestions about the oatmeal/vit E/honey baths
and the
conditioning spray. And the ferretone/olive oil. I'll keep trying
to figure
this one out but in the mean time all the suggestions will certainly
and, of course, ease some of her discomfort.

Thanks again,

-Y- (and Reno)