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Date: 2001-03-01 17:04:00 UTC
Subject: Now that I finally figured out how to sign up!

Hi Everyone ~

I recently migrated from the FML! I only randomly posted because I
was disgusted with the arguing and flaming. I hope this list will be
much more friendlier and accepting of diverse opinions. My theory is
take what works for you and forget the rest! No need to impose YOUR
theory onto someone else!

Ok, now let me introduce the four-legged gang!
First there was Max (4 y/o, M, albino), then came Snickers (6 y/o, F,
sable obviously she was previously owned : ), Raider (2.5 y/o, M,
silver-mitt - very very handsome I might add, then Peanut (2 y/o, M,
sable - very chubby and playful, Goose & Unagi (they go together
kinda like PB&J) (3.5 & 2.5 respectively, F, Silver mitt, DEW, these
girls were also previously owned) then last but not least Peanut *2*
(affectionatlyy known as P2). P2 recently took a flight from PA to
CA via Delta Airways. I am *fostering* him for a new friend whom I
met thru a shelter in PA. In addition I have 5 dog - I won't go into
their stats since, after all, they are dogs.

Well I look forward to getting acquainted with everyone. I thank Dr.
Williams for his past assistance to my desperate pleas for help with
my sick kids. I'll admit we've been very ailments whats-
so-ever but the slight cold.

Take care and see you on the FHL!