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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-06-23 01:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] ? for vets

Pedialyte contains glucose (sugar), electrolytes, and water
and is meant for rehydration from losses from
vomiting and diarrhea. It will provide nothing extra to a
soup recipee, especially if
you are just looking to add weight. Here you will want to
increase calories
without adding sugar- so calories from protein are better,
like in the kibble and
meat baby foods. If the girl has insulinoma and is put on
pred. you may see
an increased appetitie from the pred, and the glucose coming

Lasix is just a diuretic- removes excess water from the body
through the
kidneys- good only when there is fluid retention from
something like
congestive heart failure- or I guess in the case quoted it was
edema that was possibly from cardiac origin- I don't think an
diagnosis has been made yet.


Hi All,

I have a question that kind of pertains to this. I, too,
have an insulinomic ferret and I only feed him water, a
modified duck soup every few hours and have kibble always
available. His cage mate recently had her blood drawn and
also showed a low BG so we are afraid she might also have
insulinoma. He is getting chubby, but she needs to gain a
bit of weight and I had thought about giving her Ensure or
Boost or something like that in the soup (some recipes call
for that), but I found out they have sugar and so are out of
the question. In this post it mentions giving Pedialite to
the Insulinomic fert; is Pedialite sugar free? Would that
help her to gain weight? Could I put it in the soup?

Also, I've seen a lot of posts referring to Lasix. Is this
for the Insulinoma or the viral infection/chest congestion?

Thanks for everyone's help,
with Maggie, Bullwinkle, Shasta, Emeline and Icabod