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Date: 2001-06-23 03:27:00 UTC
Subject: Kidneys failing

Hi, I have a 4 year old male ferret who was diagnosed with failing
Our Vet at first thought he had an ulcer and treated him with
clavamox, for 11 days and a compound mixture for his ulcer for 14
days. She
did blood work and it showed a kidney problem but she thought it
might just
be from the ulcer, anyhow 2 weeks later she did more blood work and
saw a
slight improvement in his kidneys but not enough and said he kidneys
going and there is no cure. Moose is eating duck soup and will not
eat dry
food but will take a treat (topini) once in a while. He is not as
active, of
course, but he still plays with our other ferrets. While I realize
there is
no cure for kidney failure is there a good maintenance plan we can
use to
help him maintain his current status. Our vet just recommended
duck soup. Any thoughts/advice will be appreciated. Thanks.