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From: M.Jo
Date: 2001-06-23 09:14:00 UTC
Subject: re:possible cryosurgery in southern arizona

Greetings to all the Fuzzy lovers/slaves! I am posting this to both the
FML and the FHL in hopes I can get some response.

Our ferret shelter/club (Ferret Friends of Tucson) has been working with
our vets trying to arrange for Dr. Weiss to come to Tucson and do some
cryosurgery for our adrenal, maybe insulinomic ferrets. It just might
happen! What we need are 15 candidates who are in need of surgery that
would like to try the cryosurgery on their ferrets.

Last November we took one of my ferrets about 400 miles to Santa Fe,
N.M. when Dr. Weiss was working with Dr. Treitler. Bilbo had already
had adrenal surgery on his right adrenal which proved to be malignant.
As you all know, this is almost impossible to do successfully with
standard surgery. Well, when Dr. Weiss got in there, he also did the
left as it had grown in the 6 months since his first surgery. The
results? My 5-1/2 year old Bilbo is as playful as a kit again, runs
around terrorizing all the girls, picking fights with the bigger guy,
and getting into all sorts of mischief. He has a beautiful coat and is
full of energy. So I personally feel the cryosurgery is well worth the
time and money it takes to get this done.

If any of you are interested in this cryosurgery by Dr. Weiss, could you
please e-mail me and let me know. I will post this more than once in
hopes we can get some canditates. I will send you the info I have so
far and we'll see if this can really happen.

Thanks for any responses we may get.

mjo and the zoo, Lady Star, Topanga, Ragine, Bilbo, Frodo, Frito,
Pepper, Caesar, Frosty, Sassy and the dogs Garth and Darwin (R.I.P.
Nipper, Lightning, EZ, Cleo, Phantom, & Duke)