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From: kat parsons
Date: 2001-02-20 01:03:00 UTC
Subject: Intro...

hi!!!..***waves hand***

i am kat parsons...
i have 14 plus 3 ferrets...belonged to ferrets for 5 years...MY!!!...has
it been THAT long?????
to most of you...i prolly need no introduction...but i am just letting
y'all know i am here...


KITY=^..^=KAT and her KREW
Rascal, Sassy, Wolfie, Monkey, Meeja, PopPye,, Eddie, Narmy,
Sandi, Hope-HollyHeart, Noodles, Lucky & Princess Cissy...!!

Missing Marcel, LittleWhiteGirl, OldGuy, & Charlie, at the Bridge
the ferrets pages...

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