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Date: 2001-06-23 07:12:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] biting ferret

hi suzi, cheech, chong and goose :)

what cute names!!

i would probably get one of those baby carry pouches and carry her around.
it sounds like she is needing a lot of attention. some ferrets do that.
seperation anxiety. she can learn to be carried and will enjoy it.

i used to take my ferrets to the store. they would ride in the purse. they
loved looking at the things and the people. on would put her paws up on the
back rest of the seat when the cart was moving and then curl up in the purse
when it stopped. it was so cute.

here are my instruction for nipping and biting.

when the ferret bites, you will want to scruff the ferret and hisssss at it
or lightly tap on nose with forefinger. say NO or no bite in a FIRM voice.
then had a toy or sock tied in a knot. you have to do this EVERY time it
bites. no sliding.

they do learn not to bite. do not play feet or fingers during this training.
in a few months, after no biting, then you can reintroduce feet with socks
on and play fingers.

sometimes ferrets bite feet because they want something... food, water,
treats, play. they bite the feet becuse they know you have to get up and
walk somewhere.

Bianca bites feet so i will get up and run the shower for a second so she can
have water. not like there isnt any in her cage or in the kitchen in
bowls... she wants shower water.

she usually climbs up on me to get a drink of water from a glass and lightly
scratches on my llegs an runs away so i can't catch her if she wants to play.

good luck :)

kathy. and Bianca