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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-23 17:42:00 UTC
Subject: RE: ? for vets

>I have a question that kind of pertains to this. I, too, have an insulinomic
>ferret and I only feed him water, a modified duck soup every few hours and
>have kibble always available. His cage mate recently had her blood drawn and
>also showed a low BG so we are afraid she might also have insulinoma. He is
>getting chubby, but she needs to gain a bit of weight and I had thought
>about giving her Ensure or Boost or something like that in the soup (some
>recipes call for that), but I found out they have sugar and so are out of
>the question. In this post it mentions giving Pedialite to the Insulinomic
>fert; is Pedialite sugar free? Would that help her to gain weight? Could I
>put it in the soup?
>Also, I've seen a lot of posts referring to Lasix. Is this for the
>Insulinoma or the viral infection/chest congestion?

Stephanie, Pedialyte won't do a thing to help her gain weight. It's
an electrolyte replacement for when they have diarrhea.

What happens if you increase her fat intake, as in giving her a/d
which you can buy in cans from your vet? I'd expect that to work
better than most other things since we have had fine results with it
over the years for weight gain. Mix it with a bit of heated water to
get up to about body temp or a little above and it will stink to high
heaven which they tend to love. Introduce her to it from your

Lasix is a diuretic which helps the ferret lose extra fluid if she
has certain medical conditions that cause that complication.

What approach is being used? Surgery planned? Meds? Which meds?