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From: Dr. Bruce Williams
Date: 2001-03-01 18:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Question for Dr. Williams

Dear Teri -

I think that I would probably not administer mibolerone (Cheque) in
this case. Combinations of synthetic progesterone with the
possibility of high levels of estrogen may result in problems like a
stump pyometra (there is always a little bit of the uterus left after
a spay, and under proper hormonal stimulation it can develop a severe
inflammatory problem.

I think at this point, I would adopt a wait-and-see attitude, and
watch for other signs of adrenal disease, or a more pronounced
swollen vulva.

There are a lot of people recommending some very interesting things
for adrenal disease, but I'm not really seeing any theoretical basis
for mibolerone administration.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM
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--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., teri@l... wrote:
> I have been a member if the FML for a year, ever since I got my
> two, I have adopted two new ferts from Sandi at
> Scent of them is a female, Marshall Farms (at least,
> she has the two tattoos in her ear and on her toe) and small...I
> had her for two weeks and for most of that time her vulva has been
> swollen...not very much, but enough for me to see it well...she has
> eaten fine, played hard and seems ok overall...I have seen no other
> signs of adrenal or anything else for that matter...well, I took
> to my vet yesterday...he is somewhat knowledgeable about ferrets,
> definitely not a ferret vet...but, he gives discounts for
> large 'families', which I have, and he is great with dogs and
>, I used him for the ferts...the vet said that even tho
> has been spayed, she still has hormones secreted by the pituitary
> (sp?) gland and that is why she has a swollen vulva...he didn't
> to exploratory surgery, he gave me some 'birth control'
> drops called Cheque to give her for 10 days...just a drop a day...
> My question, Dr. Williams, is this ok for a ferret? And if not,
> can I do? I really hesitate to tell my vet he is wrong since he is
> the one who went to school for all this and has been taking care of
> animals in our town for many years...
> any input would be appreciated! You can reply privately or on the
> list--others may need this info one day...
> Thanks,
> Teri Foster