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From: molly smith
Date: 2001-06-24 02:31:00 UTC

Just wanted to respond to poor Ruthie who had the
crazy kit. SOunds like your a relatively new ferret
owner. Dont worry, you will get use to the kit flying
around the house and his cage in no time. My first
ferret Kindred was a sweetheart. I had no trouble
litter-training him, or teaching him to come on
command. He was also very loveable and took naps with
me. Now my second ferret Mael, is the exact opposite
of what Kindred was. He is and probably always will
be a pain *G* He constantly digs at the carpet (by
the door there is actually a hole to the subflooring)
he refuses to use a litter box, doesnt like to be
cuddled and still insists on trying to pull veins out
of anything he can get his teeth on...hands, wrists,
ankles, legs ANYTHING. Now my third ferret is more
like Kindred, he doesnt mind being cuddled, is very
gental, though as a kit he did think he was a bird or
something and decided to learn how to my
bed...right on top of my poor unsuspecting dogs
head...(it was funny as can be at the time). So you
see.... they all have their own personalities and
comical diversions.
Good luck with the baby!


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