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From: Kim King-Biddle
Date: 2001-06-24 04:25:00 UTC

Hello again.I seem to be having another problem.
My fuzzy Carmeleta three and a half..was getting dehydrated,not eating, and
green watery stools if she had any at all.losing weight and very tired.Also
she would stop,stare into space and sleep alot.At times even sleeping
wherever she stopped.I have had a hard time finding a a vet that is
familiar with ferrets in Scottsdale .Phoenix or Paradise Valley areas In
Arizona They all seem to be leaving state for better offers or very
expensive.The vet now has run some blood test,looked for viruses
,bacteria's,taken stool samples,looked for blockages,given Iv fluids,is also
giving her flagyl and amoxicillin for ten days.I am giving her a mix of
pedialite,chicken&rice baby food,and a/d .she now is eating more of her dry
food,running around longer periods,and drinking a bit more . her stools are
brown like the mix&dry food ,but I am noticing a little more runniness and
a occasional spot of green in it too.Now the vet wants to do a test for
insilnoma....and if so put her on meds.............................

Is this normal to run all these test? and be outrageously expensive? How
long before you know what is bogus and what is legit for tests??Is the test
that expensive for Insilnoma ?? Is there anyone in my area that isn't
wanting a arm and leg,or first born child?? and is familiar with ferrets??
:-) I have now spent alot.. and she is wanting more for the next
visit..even charges alot for just the rechecks.. I love all my
animals..Would appreciate any help or suggestions I can get .....
zamis,wiley,and k.cmay.......
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