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Date: 2001-06-24 06:25:00 UTC
Subject: Foot/Nail disease revisited - Dr. Williams

Dear Dr. Williams,

Some time ago, a strange foot/nail condition was brought up and briefly
discussed. Bob Church started this discussion and included pictures of his
ferret's red, swollen paw. A few other people had similar conditions in a
few of their ferrets. Antibiotics and antifungals gave only short-term or no
relief. I am one of those people who had a ferret with this bizarre
condition. My ferret Cricket had a front paw that was swollen, had black
nail beds, and had crumbly deformed nails.

One of the things you mentioned was that something might be definitely
diagnosed with a necropsy. My Cricket died a couple weeks ago (I've only
just been able to gain Internet access or I'd have sent this post sooner). I
have her in a freezer and was wondering if you'd like to do a necropsy to see
if you can determine what this was and maybe help the other ferrets still
suffering. I don't know if the freezing will have damaged tissue samples

Please let me know if you would like me to send her to you. You can direct
this info to me privately at: GRFerrets@a...

Thank you very much.

Kim VanderLaan