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From: Tamara Wrzesinski
Date: 2001-06-24 20:02:00 UTC
Subject: ferret with fever- please help

Hi All,
I had recently written about our ferret Samantha who died of what we think
was an immune mediated anemia- thank you Dr. Williams for the information
you provided us about the disorder!

Our remaining ferret, herschel, is 5 years old- his main medical problem is
an adrenal tumor- diagnosed entirely on clinical signs- hair loss etc... We
have just moved to VT and while we are staying in a motel waiting for our
condo to be ready- herschel is staying with our new vet- who has a lot of
experience with ferrets.

The Vet noted today that herschel seemed more lethargic and when taking his
temperature was noted to have one of 105. I think I had read that normal
for a ferret is 101-103. Herschel also was noted to have diarrhea.

The Vet started herschel on IV fluids and antibiotics.

What could be causing this?? I was thinking maybe the stress of the move,
an infection?? I didn't know if these symptoms could be related to problems
with adrenal tumor??

What is a dangerous temperature for ferrets to reach? Being in the medical
profession myself- I totally understand that fever is typically a means of
fighting off an infection.

What else is there to do besides what we have done already- all I could
think of is possible blood work.

Unfortunately with funds/our time being tight we have been reluctant to
pursue surgery for the adrenal tumor especially since he was acting fine-
but of course less active than a couple years ago when he was younger.

If anyone has any thoughts let me know!

Thanks so much,
Tammy Wrzesinski

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