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Date: 2001-03-01 18:46:00 UTC
Subject: Emergency!

One of my Club members thinks her male Ferret has distemper! Vet appt
tomorrow,but need advice tonight,please...anyone!! She lives in Texas &
put off his shots<per Vet> as he had a blockage,prior...

Lethargy,swollen red anus,swollen red eyes<mucusy>,same with mouth and
chin.<red,lotsa red>...started with the eyes....yesterday,today it seems
to have invaded his lil body!

Plus,she is in the process of receiving another ferret,thru a
breeder.....Isn't it a disease that STAYS around even after the ferret
is "put to sleep" Gawd,this really hurts! Please tell me all you can
about this disease in ferrets.Sounds nothing like it to me BUT I have
never read up on it.....Just know what I've heard! HELP!!! Options?
As Usual,
Thank You!