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Date: 2001-06-25 16:00:00 UTC
Subject: Lupron Dosage - Vets please read

my soon to be five year old, Winnie has been on Lupron for 4 months.
first three shots were 100 ug (i think that is the unit). She has
some new
hair, but not lots. We then decided to try 200 for her fourth shot.
Still a
little mroe hair, but not too much. It seems as her underneath is
filling it
and some undercoat hairs over her rib cage, but looks far from
My question is how long do i keep trying the lupron for. Should I
raise her
dosage. Cost wise, i can 'r really afford surgery, although if I
need to
keep up these shots for 8 or 9 months more, then I won't be able to
this forever either. Her ONLY sypmtom is hair loss. We were really
at this
point just trying to regrow her hair for her own warmth.
I hate to keep injecting her if it does her no good. I think
those shots
hurt - she squirms an awful lot.
does anyone have any suggestions - do I keep going or should I just
see what
happensi f I take her off? Any help anyone can offer is greatly