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Date: 2001-06-25 21:26:00 UTC
Subject: hind leg weakness in elderly ferret

my 9 year old foster ferret, bicuithead, has lately been host to
myriad minor health problems--ulcers, infections, etc. all have been
treated and/or are being treated, but as a result of this health
decline, he has been sporadically off his food. i have made an effort
to keep him full of soup, but stopped with the soup when he lost
interest in it in favor of his crunchies again. long story short,
he's lost a lot of weight, and is very thin and dehydrated (i *am*
feeding him his soup again, have been for a couple of days.)

just in the past three, maybe four days, he has been exhibiting weak
hind legs--nothing resembling a insulinoma-related seizure, just weak
and they give out every so often as he walks. i'm wondering if this
is necessarily indicative of another separate health problem, or is
likely just a symptom of his having gotten rather frail.

is hind-leg weakness normal in ferrets who have been chronically
sickly for a few months, outside of any other major illnesses? just

-kat (new to the list, hello, all.)-