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From: Cyndy Nelson
Date: 2001-06-25 22:44:00 UTC
Subject: Re: question and answers


You made me laugh! I had asked how many ferrets he had seen
for insulinoma, or adrenal problems. She was the gal that
schedules everything. I figured she would know something. I
do agree that a well ferret visit should be done.

Thanks for the thought on the blood work. Now that I am not
so mad, I know the ferret has something wrong and is still in
good health other than that. Eats well, drinks well. Surgery
now would be better than later. It is just the tone of the
vet that is so irritating. I didn't tell the whole story, but
my hubby heard and said the same as you. Find out about the
other vet.


Cindy, not to be a smart-butt.... but the girl who answers
the phone
shouldn't be expected to know what insulinoma or adrenal is.
about it, do you want the secretary, receptionist or office
diagnosing your ferret? Think it's just a tad unfair to
judge the Dr
by the lack of medical knowledge of the "girl who answers
the phone."