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From: deena
Date: 2001-06-25 10:48:00 UTC
Subject: vaccine reaction lump remains 10 weeks later

Kiwi had her rabies vaccine back in April, and three weeks later she still
had a good size lump. I posted here about it and both Suki and Dr. Williams
told me that it probably wasn't a big concern, and that vaccine related
sarcomas are almost never reported in ferrets. (thanks for the advice)

Kiwi's lump is much smaller, but still remains. She had an appointment today
for her distemper booster, and the vet said we shouldn't vaccinate her again
until this reaction clears up. So we left without the shot- lucky Kiwi. My
question is.... Should we consider a biopsy at this point? The rabies
vaccine was Imrab and was given "sc" in the scruff on April 11. If so, do we
need to cut it out, or is a needle biopsy sufficient?
Thanks for your input.