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Date: 2001-03-01 19:02:00 UTC
Subject: topic - vitamin/mineral content of food

Thanks to those who replied to my message regarding the safety of
corn and the vit/min content of food.

The food comparison charts available at the Ferret Store, etc. do not
list the vitamin/mineral content of the food which is what I'm
interested in. So far, Natura (Innova cat food) is the only company
I requested information from that has sent me this information.
Flint River has their information available on the internet (too much
corn though?). Zupreem incorrectly sent me the information for their
canned feline diet so I requested the ferret food info again. I have
not had any luck from other companies to date.

The main reason I became interested in this is because certain
companies claim that their food is the best for ferrets because the
vit/min content (as well as other reasons) is adjusted specifically
for ferrets. However, this information is not readily available to
the public.

I realize this information is not required to be printed on bags of
pet food but you would think the information would be available if
asked for. If unavailable, does this mean that pet food
manufacturers do not know how much vit/min our pets are eating?
That's kind of scary. Anyway, that is my little project for now. I
think I've rambled on long enough. Wish me luck. :-)