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From: Steph
Date: 2001-06-26 16:42:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Ferretone

Just a question. I have noticed alot of people talking about
using olive oil with the ferretone is this strictly to make it
last longer or is there an added benefit?
Steph and Mikey
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From: Mike Janke
Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 1:10 PM

Most people use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I make mine 50/50
olive oil
and ferretone. The fuzzies don't seem to notice any


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> What is a good oil to mix with Ferretone to stretch it
> a little further?
> We all know it's expensive and it would be nice to be
> able to make it last longer.
> Star
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