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From: Alberta Ferret Society - President
Date: 2001-06-22 01:38:27 UTC
Subject: Pulmonary Disease

I didn't get a response to my first post so thought I'd try
posting again. Being new to the list I'm not sure what the
expected response time is so forgive me if I'm being a pest!

I'm hoping you can provide some clarification (translation)
possibly an opinion about the long term prognosis for a recent

diagnosis we received from our veterinarian.

Bailey is a very petite 1.4 yr old female ferret who was
to our society along with 2 male cagemates of the same approx
Bailey appeared to have some sort of respitory illness going
on as
her breathing sounded very congested. Antibiotics did not
clear it
up. She continued to be energetic, eating well, eliminating
well, no
wasting but the congestion did not go away. It neither got
better or

Our vet was puzzled and asked us to leave her for a few days
observation and to have x-rays taken. The following is the
he left on my answering machine. Please excuse the spelling.

"X-rays show a bula (?) indicative of some kind of
obstruction. I'm
wracking my brain wondering where such a young ferret would
get this
from. My best answer is that this is emphazema secondary to
some chronic obstruct pulmonary disease" He has prescribed

We have someone very interested in adopting Bailey (we made
decision to separate her from her cagemates as she did not
particularly bonded to them and they have since been adopted)
we're unsure of what to tell the prospective adopters about
health or future complications that may arise.

Any help you could give would be much appreciated.

Barbara Gustafson
Alberta Ferret Society