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From: Claudia Johnson
Date: 2001-06-27 05:35:00 UTC
Subject: propecia as a preventative?


My first (and favorite) ferret, Zeke has had more surgery than one
ferret should have. Before I took over a rescue, I got him as a 3
yr old. At 3 1/2, my ferret vet removed his left adrenal gland. At
4 yrs old, removed 60 % of his right as he was having
difficulty urinating. At 5 yrs old in Nov 2000, the hair loss
returned and he was given Lupron, but Dr. xxx did emergency cryo as
he was completely unable to urinate. He felt that he got all of it
and he came thru sx great. Now 7 months later, this poor guy is
having some hair loss and had another Lupron injection on June 18th.
His bladder is small and feels normal. I am able to palpate the
bladder as I also have the insulimoma ferret that became diabetic
this year and now is waiting for adrenal surgery. My question
is-can I give propecia as a preventative? I don't want to wait for
his urine volume to decrease. He's is great shape and will be 6 in
July. I don't even want to think about another surgery. He's been
very lucky.

Please email my directly at as I am
so behind on the lists. Thanks is advance. I'm scared.

Claudia Johnson
Oxford Ferret Rescue

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