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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-06-27 13:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Ferret ate bedding and died

Hi Michelle,

I don't believe that anyone here thought that you abused or neglected
Tuggy in any way. We were mostly curious as to why surgery was not
presented as an option. It may be that he would not have survived
surgery but it's pretty clear that he did not survive the blockage.
In this case, surgery would have been worth a try. But that is in no
way your fault. We understand that you would listen to what your vet
has to say.

Unfortunately, ferrets are unique creatures and not common patients
at all vet practices. They were just being honest as to the
difficulty performing surgery on a ferret... for them.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., michelle@l... wrote:
> The reason surgery was not an option was because the vet advised me
> that. Tuggy was having convulsions and they did not believe that
> would make it through the antisteic or the surgery.
> Tuggy was fine on Saturday morning. When I went in to fill up
> food dish Saturday night he wouldn't get up. I sat on Saturday
> and Sunday night finger feeding him water and food and heating up a
> hot water bottle for him. On Sunday I spent 12 hours at the
> emergency clinic. They were up front about not knowing how to
> a ferret, but I couldn't get to my vet until Monday. I told them
> about eating cloth and they poked around and said they did not
> believe there was a blockage. He was going to the bathroom still
> this point. I was at my vet at 9 a.m. Monday morning. I spent
> $700 dollars. We did not neglect him. We have no small objects
> around. We have no children, no children's toys. I don't know why
> he/they chew their bedding. We nursed our 9 year old ferret for 2
> years who suffered from insolunoma. Tuggie was our baby we did not
> neglect him.
> We got all three at SuperPets as babies so they were not abused.
> I was very upset when I discovered this site yesterday and found
> that other people had surgery performed on their ferrets. I had 2
> vets tell me how difficult it is to operate on a ferret. I'm not a
> vet so I believe them.
> I live in Oakville, Ontario if you can recommend a better ferret
> to me I would go to him/her in a heartbeat.
> Thank you to all those who have sent me their condolences.