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Date: 2001-06-27 17:08:00 UTC
Subject: Kidney Problem

We have a female ferret, approx. 4yrs. old, she weighs 1lb. 2ozs.
She was just seen by our vet today, 6/27/01. She has a level or grade
3 heart murmur and is on Vasotec Suspension at 1cc. daily and has been
for a little over a year now.
Our vet did palpation and feels that now she has an enlarged kidney
and is hesitant to do surgury because of the heart problem. We are
wondering if there would be a course of treatment that would be
We would discuss all options with our vet or could put him in
contact with the doctors on the list for discussion.
Thank you, in advance, for any help/suggestions.
Jerry & Marsha Crowell