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From: rosie contessa-yudelson
Date: 2001-06-27 17:47:00 UTC
Subject: Ferretsitting for a guy w/ congestive heart failure

Hello My Friends-
This holiday weekend I will be ferretsitting for a ferret who has
congestive heart failure. Edgar belongs to our local ferret club, and is
being fostered. His foster mom will be out of town and the club asked me to
look after him while she's away. OF COURSE, I SAID YES! I'm sure his mom
will bring me all of his meds and instruct me, but, I am a bit concerned
that he may go into crisis from being in a new environment. He is also
blind. What should I be aware of besides dyspnea to alert me that something
is wrong and Edgar needs to see our Doc???? Any info would be greatly

Happy Ferreting and Hugs to All!

Rosalie & the Critters

"4 Dogs, 2 cats & 5 ferrets-who's got it better than me? Gosh, I'm one lucky

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