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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-28 00:44:00 UTC
Subject: cut palate help asked

Warp has her long-standing small intestinal problem going again; as
usual it was sudden, but it wasn't very bad and Carafate soon had her
doing fine which is great because surgery for it again would be

This time, though, she scratched her upper palate putting her hands
in there thanks to the nausea.

*** Will be calling our vet in the morning, of course (sooner if she
has problems again), but wanted to ask if anyone has run into
anything ferret-safe that is soothing or numbing for a cut palate?
This little old lady has enough going on without one more thing on
top of it, so if it still bothers her we want to have an idea of what
may help. ***

(Warp has had a friable small intestine (of unknown cause though it's
thought to possibly be an auto-immune problem) for many years and is
now 7 years old.)