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Date: 2001-06-27 19:21:00 UTC
Subject: Jonesy

Jonesy is going downhill again. His blood sugar had gone up to 70
after the
increase in Pediapred, but I am sure that it is back down. I think
we are in
what Dr. Williams called "refractory period" from the Pred. He is
still on
3mg/day, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything other than make
the poor
little guy gag and spit. It just seems so cruel to continue to do
this to
him. His little eyes are very dull and he is appearing to be
again. As previously mentioned in another post, his weight dropped
from 4.1
pounds to 1.8 pounds.

I had a dream last night that I found him dead..ran to his cage and
he was
alive! Gave him lots of kisses. I am really wrestling with the
decision of
letting him go on his own or helping him to cross. I really feel he
"given up". When he comes out of his cage, he is out for about 5
minutes and
then takes himself back to his bed to sleep. More surgery is out of
question. Dr. Williams suggested that according to his lab work he
"markedly anemic" (from what who knows). He doesn't want to be
held anymore
(wonder if it hurts him?). Still drinks, pees and poops (although
poops are
loose). Appetite is decreasing.

I guess what I am asking now, is:
1. what is the top dosage of Pediapred that I can give
2. should I just let nature take its course and let him get to the
where he is seizeing, or should I help him cross.
3. am I being selfish in continuing to fight to keep him with me

I know that these are not answers that anyone can give, but I need
some help
and advise so that I make the right decision. I know that there are
out there who have faced the decisions I am wrestling with right