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Date: 2001-06-28 04:34:00 UTC
Subject: Mikey

My vet wanted me to bring my ferret yesterday when I volunteered just
so he could recheck Mikey. He is using the information that Dr.
Williams and others in this group were so kind to provide to obtain
the heart measurements. He really appreciated the help.
It was unusual, but there was a slight lull at the clinic so I took
Mikey out of the cage. While I was cuddling him I felt one of the
lymphnodes in his neck. My heart sank. It was not huge, but
definitely enlarged. I had someone else feel it and they also felt
an enlarged one in his leg. My vet felt them and decided to do a
fine needle biopsy. He only drew off fat cells. He says that it may
be a fat pad, but is concerned as it seems to be all of his lymph
nodes on one side of his body. Complete bloods have been sent and I
should be getting the results back this morning. Depending what the
bloods say we will be biopsing again. He can feel that actual node
under the fat. Has anyone had fat pads just developing on one side
of the body?
I have a small Shih Tzu who loves to play with Mikey. He was
playing with Mikey 2 nights ago and I had to stop them as Mikey
became really tired and kept trying to lie down. This also concerns
my vet. His heart rate was 180 which is a bit of an improvement.
On the positive side his coat looks so much better since I got him
and he is gaining weight as a baby should.