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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-28 12:52:00 UTC
Subject: Whew!

Looks like Warp's small intestine is okay this time; that her
problems originated from the cut in her mouth (from dislodging caught
food perhaps?). The cut is long, straight, thin as if made by a
claw, and bleeds a good deal when it opens.

She is hurting there and would not eat, so I got that little bottle
with the cut tip that Jumper likes to eat from and filled it with a/d
soup. Eating that way keeps her tongue away from her palate. She
ate very well and very happily then (once she realized that it wasn't
medicine) and Jumpstart came running full tilt at the word "bottle"
to finish her dregs. Guess Warp will be on the bottle for a while to
let her mouth heal.

We are so glad that it isn't her small intestine again this time.