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From: Mary Hart
Date: 2001-06-28 10:06:00 UTC
Subject: Shelley thinks she's a Mom!

Please can someone advise me?

Shelley (F. unspayed 5 years) lost her friend Ozzie (F.unspayed.6 years) in
April. Shelley had been with Ozzie ever since she was about 4 months old.

After a month we got Candy from a rescue (F. spayed 'young adult') and they
really bonded well without any problems.

However for about the last 3 weeks Shelley has been constantly grooming
Candy and 'bossing' her about in their cage and when they are out.

In the cage Shelley tugs on Candy's ears to make her get in the bed and when
they roam about Shelley bites hold of Candy on the neck or head and
literally drags her to the hidey hole where they sleep some more.

Should I separate them as Candy isn't happy at this ALL the time?

Will Shelley get over it?

What can I do please?

I imagine from a post I read a day or two ago that Shelley is treating Candy
as if she is her kit. Why would this be? She isn't in oestrus by the way.

Many thanks.