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From: Melissa
Date: 2001-06-28 12:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Mikey

From my experience, some ferrets just develop fat
deposits on their lymph nodes, and no one can explain
why. Unless there are other indicators of lymph
disease, I would not poke and prod excessively trying
to find out. I spent $1200 trying to find what was
causing this on one of my ferrets, who then succumbed
to the stress of the tests at age 3 1/2; had I left
well enough alone, she would probably be fine now. I
kicked myself daily for years, and still regret it.

Please don't worry too much that it's lymphoma; while
I know that enlarged lymph nodes are a symptom, they
can be caused from other things, too (like fat
deposits); maybe he has an infection in his mouth on
that side of his body. Hang in there.

My best wishes,

--- rumtum99@s... wrote:
> My vet wanted me to bring my ferret yesterday when I
> volunteered just
> so he could recheck Mikey. He is using the
> information that Dr.
> Williams and others in this group were so kind to
> provide to obtain
> the heart measurements. He really appreciated the
> help.
> It was unusual, but there was a slight lull at the
> clinic so I took
> Mikey out of the cage. While I was cuddling him I
> felt one of the
> lymphnodes in his neck. My heart sank. It was not
> huge, but
> definitely enlarged. I had someone else feel it and
> they also felt
> an enlarged one in his leg. My vet felt them and
> decided to do a
> fine needle biopsy. He only drew off fat cells. He
> says that it may
> be a fat pad, but is concerned as it seems to be all
> of his lymph
> nodes on one side of his body. Complete bloods have
> been sent and I
> should be getting the results back this morning.
> Depending what the
> bloods say we will be biopsing again. He can feel
> that actual node
> under the fat. Has anyone had fat pads just
> developing on one side
> of the body?
> I have a small Shih Tzu who loves to play with
> Mikey. He was
> playing with Mikey 2 nights ago and I had to stop
> them as Mikey
> became really tired and kept trying to lie down.
> This also concerns
> my vet. His heart rate was 180 which is a bit of
> an improvement.
> On the positive side his coat looks so much better
> since I got him
> and he is gaining weight as a baby should.

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