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From: Michele Abel Focer
Date: 2001-06-28 14:46:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Bored ferret games

Hello ferret friends! I too was faced with the dilemma of
thinking up new exciting games to play with my ferret. Here
are a few of my suggestions: no need to spend allot of money
on expensive toys! YOU are their favorite toy! My kids like to
run through a pair of jeans, and I scratch my nails on the
outside so it makes a funny noise. They also like paper bags,
large & small, sometimes I tear holes in them so they can poke
their noses out. Paper balls(LOTS of them) also get them
going, bombing them gets them very excited. It's also fun to
put the paper balls in an empty tub for them to chase.( be
sure they don't chew and swallow any paper) . Sock wars are
fun, just wad up some socks and bomb them, making a" POW"noise
helps too. Shoe boxes with holes in them, and the lid taped on
can be good for a minute or two. Blanket rides are fun, just
put them on a blanket and pull it around. They like to get
under my blanket as I'm making my bed, and I run my fingers on
the outside to get them to chase me. After brushing them, I
put the brush on the linoleum floor for them to scoot around.
Beanie babies make a good prey, if you shake them, it really
gets them going.Empty toilet paper rolls are fun, especially
of you fill a paper bag with them, or stack them up making a
wall. My last suggestion is getting another ferret buddy for
them if possible, it's amazing the games they can think of
between themselves! But nothing takes the place of you getting
down on the floor to play. I always take time to play whenever
they want to, until they poop out. A bored ferret is one who
will always find TROUBLE! Happy ferret fun!! Michele & the fur
gang, Snooper, Tigger & Jessi